Women Empowerment Food Chefs

Food is a huge part of the New Orleans festival culture and what better way then to share in a meal of southern hospitality and vigor then from the women chefs from our beautiful Crescent City. Each vendor is selected by the producer who has eaten directly from their plates, and personally loves what they do. The Chefs messages are good clean and healthy eating. Made by women and served with love in every bite by women.


We have 8 vendor slots left to fill for the festival. So please contact us today!


(Sorry, no arts and crafts vendors at this time.)

Please email your details with the photos of your business in operation at a recent event, or restaurant. Please also include a product list with proposed pricing. Please keep in mind that there are only (10) ten spaces available and they will fill up quickly. Email these details to


If the Rock & Rouge selects your company, you will be sent a formal vendor application and agreement packet to fill out and return to the company. When submitting an application, all vendors must provide a reference from a prior event and photographs of their display, however, we are accepting first time vendors, especially women fronted businesses. We look forward to reviewing your details and choice of food products . Please send all completed applications to the following:

Email to:

Prospective Vendor Application Details:

  1. Fees: All confirmed vendors must pay a reservation fee. There will also be a small charge for a Rock & Rouge custom color pink tent. These fees will guarantee your spot at the Rock & Rouge Festival. In order to maintain a united look for female empowerment, we will be featuring the following colors: pink, black, white, and red. We would ask that materials, excluding logos, try and accentuate these colors. You cannot opt out of the tent, and we are asking that every vendor adhere to this policy. In addition to the tent, one table, and two chairs will be provided. Once your application is accepted, a contract will be sent with details regarding payment.
  2. Set Up: Vendor set up time can be as early as 7:00AM, on the day of the festival June 16th, for set up. You must be up and running with your booth by no later than 11:00AM. Break down starts at 10:00PM and you must clean up and leave by Midnight. If you need to unload equipment in advance, you can set up one day prior, on June 15th, weather permitting. Early unload time is between 9:00AM-6:00PM.
  3. Parking: Parking is self serve. There are no parking passes available.
  4. Insurance: Each vendor must give a copy of your liability certificate to the Rock & Rogue Festival, prior to signing the contract. Failure to submit proof of liability will result in a loss of your spot. If this is your first festival and you are unsure about liability certificates, then contact your current insurer and ask for a one-day insurance policy. This should not run you more than $250 for a one-day event. Should your insurer not carry this policy, contact K&K Insurance at 1800-328-2317 or