The Rock & Rouge Foundation aims to provide a science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics path for girls, introducing them to a future of new careers and empowering women locally and abroad.

The Rock & Rouge Festival established The Rock & Rouge Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, dedicated to the empowerment of women’s culture, and granting small scholarships to summer camps for girls pursuing interests in the education of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.)

The Rock & Rouge Foundation promotes the education, empowerment, and enrichment of young girls and women from all backgrounds in Southern Louisiana, specifically the Greater New Orleans Area. The way we accomplish this is two-fold. First, we provide small grants to 5 girls in underserved communities through fundraising events selling tickets and merchandise at special events, like, The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music & Food Festival. Secondly, through contributions like yours,  you may specify what department you would like your contribution to be used, either The Festival, The Foundation or toward a grant to a girl for a STEAM summer camp or buying a musical instrument or paints for a promising girl interested in visual arts that may not have the money to buy supplies, for example.    

If you are interested in supporting The Rock & Rouge Foundation please know that your donation is deeply appreciated and tax-deductible! The Rock & Rouge Foundation will supply you or your company with a “gift in kind” donation letter of recognition to your accountant(s).


The Rock & Rouge Foundation, Inc. 

1000 Bourbon Street #224

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116.


(504)523 – 6276



The Rock & Rouge Foundation’s Tomboy STEAM tent for young girls features partners such as and Microsoft with workshops and games. The Tomboy Tent offers workshops fortifying  young minds throughout the day in science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics (STEAM). Young girls ages 8-14 enjoy various activities like learning about “squishy boards” & “snap circuits”, playing games on XBoxes and a GOO table, and more. The festival’s producers welcome all genders to attend the Tomboy STEAM Tent. In the interest of breaking down all barriers, we want the kids in our communities open to a whole new world of higher education and enlightenment. This is the mission of the Rock & Rouge.