Big Pearl Entertainment

The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music & Food Festival & beyond is produced by Big Pearl Entertainment and the Rock & Rouge Foundation 501(c)(3). Both are legally registered companies to do business in the state of Louisiana. Lani Ramos made the initial investment and founding membership in 2017. Ramos founded Big Pearl Entertainment in 2015 to produce Yeah You Rite LIVE! ( and to produce live events. Under Big Pearl Music LLC, founded in 2009, are Ramos’ intellectual properties that include 4 records, music videos and a television show. After enduring Katrina with an injury to the left hand, Ramos remained true to New Orleans and returned home to weekly gigs. Working in show business since age 8, Ramos endured the Hollywood machine into her 20s working as an actress and singer until age 25. After that time, Ramos began working as a Mail Messenger in the Mail Department at 20th Century Fox learning the studio structure from the ground up. It gave Ramos the knowledge and education that most people could only dream of in wanting to work in show business. As an artist/producer today for Big Pearl properties and ideas, Ramos has puts that knowledge to use in New Orleans for the past 18 years.